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Thanks, sbisson for the heads-up

My box of "Interesting Stuff that people have been talking about recently" arrived today from Amazon.

Lemon Jelly's "Lost Horizons" is definitely fun, even to this thoroughly unmusical listener. Definitely reminiscent of something, but I'm not quite sure who (thinks: find out who, and get more CDs).

Afro Celt Sound System's third volume "Further in Time" has been out for a while, but I didn't notice until someone mentioned it in a newsgroup, or somewhere. Not quite what I was expecting, but I suspect it will grow on me.

The Grateful Dead's "Live/Dead" was more to cock a snook at that list of 100 overrated albums. That, and it made for pleasant listening in - damn, I've forgotten the name - a coffee shop on Marnixstraat near SoundGarten earlier in the summer.

Bookwise, there's the tacky mil-pol skiffy "War of Honor", complete with CD - I'm less happy with this since seeing quite a chunk of negative commentary since ordering it. I suppose it's too much to expect David Weber to be the Patrick O'Brian of the Spaceways.

More hopeful looking are Christopher Brookmyre's "The Sacred Art of Stealing" and "Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me", a semi-autobiographical fantasy by Martin Millar (the guy who writes the Thraxas books under the semi-transparent pseudonym of Martin Scott).

The Millar is primarily for Rob, who devoured the Thraxas books at a great rate (and even showed signs of writing stories in the same setting - thinks, must point him at the "Garrett, PI" stories), but the Brookmyre is mine, all mine - at least until gothtart asks nicely. And wouldn't a Christopher M. Brookmyre be fun....

[Oh, and two boring-but-useful Windows XP books; it's a pity "Windows XP Annoyances" isn't out yet]

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