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Morning, Bulldog Hotel

After last night's rain (thin, persistant, penetrative) and mist, it actually looks like quite a good day so far - or at least it did about an hour ago.

The Bulldog is in the process of being done up, which means that it's somewhat different from the place I remember. Good bits: breakfast on-site rather than in the coffee house downstairs or (with a voucher) in a nearby eetcafe, and a rather nice looking bar. Bad bits: the bar's not operational yet (but it is a nice place to sit), non-functional toilets on the third floor (where the room is), slightly more beds per room than before.

Still, not bad for €20/night...

My mobile's misbehaving: randomly crashing, failing to send some texts (and not telling me unless I explicitly check the outbox), and not telling me when texts arrive, which was why I took so long to catch up with Martin Wisse.

Didn't have a lot at the beer fest: the Brand bock (from Martin's reaction, the equivalent of going for Red Barrel at a CAMRA fest) wasn't actively bad, but it was pretty mediocre (memo to self: buying a beer from the nearest uncrowded counter is a mistake). The SNAB (last year's best in show) was excellent, and then there was a nice bock from Haarlem that I can't pronounce or spell (but intend to find tonight).

After this (pausing only to get the ObT-shirt, and for Martin to join PiNT, the Netherlands' CAMRA equivalent), we set off through the misty rain to the Arendsnest for what was to turn out to be the last beer of the night. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the beer - there wasn't, or that the pub was too full - the usual crowdedness was slightly augmented by refugees from the festival, just that seven bocks plus a strongish lager was probably actually enough.

We set off back towards the centre, and after Martin caught his bus I succumbed to the lure of the falafel. This led to a sort of reverse thought association in which I realised that I'd been in Amsterdam just over six hours and not visited a coffee house. This was remedied at the Grasshopper (not a usual choice, but it was there), and I headed off back to the hotel.

Some slight confusion over who's bed was whose, but it was sort of sorted (I see this morning from looking at my receipt that it was actually even more complicated) and then crash...

I must have been more tired than I thought - unsurprising after staying up all night for Samhuinn - because my overly active internal alarm clock didn't keep telling me that I had to be up NOW to meet feorag until the bells started at about half seven.

The hotel area's strange in the early morning: still some of the obligatory Dodgy People, tired women in windows trying to lure in the few remaining passers-by who are still out partying as opposed to already up, a couple of cops chatting to an old guy on the corner.

Back into the hotel, breakfasted (coffee, cheese, meat, bread) and then online to kill time until feorag arrives at a nearby cafe. Which is in about eight minutes, so TTFN!

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