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Bloody Meta-Agencies

I'm spending a lot of time at the moment repetitively searching assorted online recruitment meta-agencies' websites. Occasionally, I even find something that looks like it'd be a good position and fire off a CV and covering letter...

However, I've just learned the hard way that it's a mistake to use the handy-dandy online application form that some agencies provide as a convenience. First off, you have to upload the CV as a Microsoft Word document (it didn't like rtf, html or OpenOffice's version of a "Word 6" file), but they then perform some strange munging transformation so that the CV arrives at the agency as bastardised, mal-formatted PLAIN TEXT. Leading, of course, to the harrassed and over-worked recruitment consultant deciding that the email was from yet another eejit who can't read plain English.

Luckily, some agencies employ consultants who notice that every single person interested in a particular position has done this, and who are prepared to email asking for another copy, so I'm maybe in with a chance for this particular position. I do wonder, though, how many possibles I've missed 'cos they couldn't read my CV.

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