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Back in the Jug Agane...

A fortnight and a day off, and I never did do the "Grand Catch-up" that was to bring this, and my weblog, spankingly up to date with all sorts of meep and deaningful stuff on the world situation (with side-notes on Mark Thomas's gig), traveller's tales from the bockbier festival in Amsterdam, Samhuinn, the Bloco Vomit gig (absolutely cracking) and Gong (never made it, due to knackered). Oh, and installing NT and the new Mandrake Linux, and messing around with the Ancient Mac...
Still, one good thing is that the work website isn't broken in Netscape -- at least not on this machine.

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    Fri, 14:03: Note the date. Weaponised transphobia is a lot more recent than they'd have you think!

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