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  • Sun, 15:11: Why "Freedom Day" is a really, really bad idea....
  • Sun, 23:06: Missed extra time and penalties due to being on bus back from pub, where we spent three hours trying to ignore game. Sympathies to England supporters, and hoping Covid superspreader spikes are not too evil....
  • Mon, 01:57: This is dead neat! Sad, though, that it's necessary. (Looking at you @twitter and @jack)
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    Fri, 16:27: Well, that's them yins telt....

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    Thu, 23:37: Opaque, lovely rounded oaty fulsomeness, gloriously tropical fruity hopses - Drinking a Shoop by @ saltbeerfactory/@ Pomonaisland @…

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    Wed, 16:43: Steerpike would appear to be confusing our First Minister with Canute.... Maybe the thought of a post-covid Indy Ref will encourage…

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