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  • Thu, 22:54: Wow! It's all here: maple and vanilla over chocolate and toasty malt. Insert obligatory Dendarii Mountains Maple Mead reference.... - Drinking a Bourbon Maple Very Big Moose (5th Birthday Edition) by @fiercebeer @ Untappd at Home —
  • Thu, 23:10: The rule in the House should be against *false* accusations of lying... None of the eejits upset by @DawnButlerBrent calling out @BorisJohnson's lies have been able to show he wasn't lying. How about if one MP accuses another of lying the actual liar has to resign their seat?
  • Fri, 00:17: Hey, @SandraBWrites - this is Tef, who used to be based in Edinburgh - reminded by your recent post.....
  • Fri, 00:19: Pity it's over money and not Patel's lack of human decency....
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    Fri, 16:27: Well, that's them yins telt....

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    Thu, 23:37: Opaque, lovely rounded oaty fulsomeness, gloriously tropical fruity hopses - Drinking a Shoop by @ saltbeerfactory/@ Pomonaisland @…

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    Wed, 16:43: Steerpike would appear to be confusing our First Minister with Canute.... Maybe the thought of a post-covid Indy Ref will encourage…

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