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  • Sun, 22:45: Źubrówka and mead - redolent of British summer days. Delicious!
  • Sun, 23:52: Not keen on either @BelhavenBrews or @greeneking beers, but Doctors in Edinburgh is being dogpiled by anti-Trans activists and breweries are apparently sticking up for the landlord. Good on them! (When I first came to Edinburgh I loved the bottled Belhaven beers and their 90/-
  • Mon, 00:02: Not keen on @BelhavenBrews or @greeneking but happy to support Doctors or The-Mortar-as-was against dogpiling by bigots. Also, it seems AFAB folk who don't look femme enough were being targeted....
  • Mon, 01:02: Is this a Twitter first? Someone who actually supports sealioning? Is that DARVO on the breeze?
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