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  • Wed, 16:43: Steerpike would appear to be confusing our First Minister with Canute.... Maybe the thought of a post-covid Indy Ref will encourage more folk to keep their distance, their masks on and their hopes up!
  • Wed, 23:09: All you folk complaining about @scotgov putting saving lives from the pandemic ahead of winning #IndyRef2, you know what to do. Get vaccinated, mask up, keep your distance and test regularly! If you don't, how can you claim to truly support a free and independent Scotland?
  • Thu, 01:00: I grew up in North Down, of protestant background, went to a school "for the sons of protestant gentlemen", and it was this, so soon buried under nine eleven, that led me to complete my journey to the Nationalist side of the Force.... 1/2
  • Thu, 01:09: Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest. An attack on the rights of some is an attack on the rights of all
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