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So-so day. Excellent weekend

Just when I begin to lose faith in the ability of agencies to do their jobs, something comes along that restores my faith. No, I've not attained the quasi-nirvanic state of actual paid employment, but the agency who were handling the possible job with Tesco Personal Finance, actually got back to me with the news that the company have gone with the internal candidate. It's such a pleasant change to have the bad news in person, rather than slowly deducing it as time goes on..

In other agency news, the agency who had me chasing a will-o-the-wisp over West Lothian last week replied to my last email by phone within minutes of my having sent it. Naturally, they're claiming that there is an actual job, and I'm in the running for it — I'll believe that when I see it.

Going backwards through the weekend, tigermoth and I spent Sunday afternoon in Kinrossshire, setting up a new PC for my aunt.

Warning: if offered the choice between Tesco's and Freeserve's "pay as you go" internet product, go for Freeserve: it works by charging you for the phone call, while the Tesco offering uses a free phone number and charges via direct debit or credit card. Also, you need a Tesco Club Card. Obviously, it's a datamining exercise disguised as a service provider.

Having sorted all that out, we had an excellent meal, drink, cake and conversation before getting a lift back to Kinross for the bus. It was an incredibly clear night, at least until we started getting the sodium glare from the throbbing metropolois of Dunfermline. It's a while since we travelled back over the Forth Bridge at night, and it triggered all sorts of pleasant memories and has possibly inspired us to get our act together for more travelling this year.

We spent most of Saturday evening in, watching a really corny skiffy film and sorting stuff for Sunday's installation trip, but before that we went for a bit of a wander down the Water of Leith to the harbour and then along to Salamander Street, where we stopped at The Pond for a few hours. Not only is the Pond famous for its German beer and its original Space Invaders Machine, but it's got pretty amazing decor, too. Sharks in the gents, parrots in the ladies, and all sorts of wonderful things lurk in the shadows.

dee-dee! dee-dee! dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum!

Oh, and they've a German Beer festival there this coming weekend.

I think I know what put the Pond into my mind: six months ago was the Leith Links Festival, and we went to see Bloco Vomit play, after which we went to the Pond, and sat out in the beer garden (which is also strange: the ground is covered with wine corks to a depth of a good few inches) before going on to a party.

On Friday night, there was a party at the same place - a number of folk I mostly remembered from the last one, a fair chunk of the band themselves, and some folk I'd not met before. Oh, and insanely large quantities of Caipirinha - I think there were at least four different sorts of cachaça and an insane number of limes. I think we left at about half three, with some vague plan of continuing back in Trinity for a bit, but wiser counsels prevailed.

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