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It's the waiting....

I've just had a phone interview for an html/xhtml developer job. It seemed to go okay, and now I'm waiting for the call back from the agency.

The job's an agency one, working on a couple of contract web sites, so it'll be back to the joy of chopping up screen shots to build page templates out of and then doing the cross-browser/cross-platform thing - shouldn't be a problem, really, depending on how much dynamic stuff they want, and how they want Netscape 4.x to handle it.

The real worries are logistical: getting to Leamington Spa for nine-ish on Monday morning, when most of Sunday's trains will be full of people heading back from the international - from the Scotrail website, the journey's a pain at the best of times, but it looks as if the only way to get there will be to take the sleeper from Edinburgh to Watford, and then head back north for two hours. Then there's finding a B&B to consider, sort out work clothes ("smart casual" - at least it's not a suit and tie environment), doing the packing and so on.... And will I be able to get back to Edinburgh every weekend, or only occasionally?

It's a rolling contract: good, because it's usually easier to get paid weekly (and that brick wall at the end of February is getting closer all the time); bad, because I can't aford to risk buying travel tickets in advance, or commit to longer room rental.

Oh, and this is really counting my chickens.... Eastercon!

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