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Updating 2: Saturday before the March

This was a day and a half, a veritable red letter day.

Up early to get the 0800 to Glasgow, walking across a frosty, empty, city centre to Glasgow Green (more frost, ice on puddles to jump on, the ground rock-hard), to look for the place to check in as a steward. Couldn't find it at first, so filled in a survey for some University of Maryland students studying public protest. Eventually spotted a large group of people in dayglo vests by a white van, so wandered over and signed up.

Spent the next couple of hours answering some questions (where are the nearest toilets, where do stewards sign in, is there food anywhere) and failing to answer others (where do $group meet, where's the march leaving from, have you seen $person), then went over to stand at one of the entrances to direct people away from where the South Side feeder march was arriving from. This was about the time that we started hearing that there were 25k people here already.

Eventually, the incoming flow slowed to a trickle, and the feeder march had safely arrived, so I fought my way through the crowd to the needle again and started looking for a bit of march with not enough stewards on it.

The march was meant to have been moving off in four sections (trade unions and families, political parties, religious groups and something elses), but I'm not sure how well this plan succeeded. I do remember an oldish guy in a smart suit enquiring as to who his morals would let him march with: not with socialists because they're all commies and traitors, really, nor with liberals because they "approve of poofters". We pointed him at one of the Christian groups, and hoped he wouldn't mind the "Freedom for Palestine" placard they had with them.

Then it was time for the next section of the march to move off, and I joined it near the head, between two police motorcycles and an open-topped bus full of purple and black clad drummers (Commotion from Edinburgh and She-boom from Glasgow, I think).

Oops. Work(!) time.

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