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Lemon Jelly, Queens Hall, Sunday

Went to this with green_amber.

Met up slightly early due to confusion about doors opening time, but filled in the time by visiting the Mexican takeaway (GA's burrito looked excellent, I must eat there sometime) and having a bottle of beer each.

Returned to the Queens Hall, and spotted amazingly long queue containing all sorts of people with a couple of folk wandering up and down trying to buy and sell spare tickets (they didn't seem to have much luck). It was a fairly fast-moving queue, though, so we soon found ourselves at the door and picking up our Lucky Bags (couple of postcards, badge, balloon, bingo cards and pencil).

It turned out we had more than plenty of time after all, so we sat in the bar and chatted while listening to the strange noises coming from the auditorium (the afore-mentioned bingo, and a race to the front of the stage). A cunning plan involving a bottle of wine and some plastic glasses was hatched and implemented - this was a good idea, as beer or water would have drunk too quickly and necessitated leaving the auditorium for refills.

This is where I hit my traditional reviewing problem: I don't have the vocabulary to do it properly. They came on stage, they played (as well as the guitar and keyboards, Nick (or was it Fred) played a skeletal-looking electric cello). There were a few pieces I didn't recognise, but whether they were from the previous CD or one yet to come, I don't know. But it was all damn' good...

Towards the end, I remembered I was carrying autopope's old digital camera, so took a few pictures:

And all too soon, it was over. Going back upstream towards the bar and the sales desk looked a bit difficult, so we allowed ourselves to be swept out to the front of the building and went our separate ways.

I've since heard that there's an extra gig in the tour in London - a Children's Matinee on Saturday, but you need a child under twelve to be able to get in. I'd heartily recommend borrowing one if you can....

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