June 26th, 2002


Edinburgh - London

Made it to train with minutes to spare (thanks, gothtart!) and snoozed a fair chunk of the way down to London. Took less than half an hour to get from Kings Cross to the hostel near Waterloo (Bad news: they had an upper age limit. Good news: they took my word I was under it -- so I then couldn't use my passport as ID). Sorted out bedding and stuff, left heavy portion of luggage in hostel and headed towards Piccadilly and the former colleagues. Much hefe-weizen consumed, and at closing time it took minimal arm bending to end up going to the Cro Bar until the small hours of the morning. Back to the hostel and the realisation that it was a bit late to be going to bed if I had any expectation of waking up for my train this morning, so sat up chatting, reading and then went for a morning walk, discovering a newsagent with a cybercaff in the back (which I came back to as soon as I could check out).

Plan for today: train to Brussels, then on to Copenhagen. At least I should have no problem sleeping on the train tonight! Although paranoia about the stuff I'm carrying cuts in all too easily and often (When repacking yesterday I cunningly replaced my Psion with the mark one notepad and pen, but Charlie kindly lent me his old digital camera - which I still can't quite work).
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London - Brussels

Eurostar was quite dull -- sitting backwards didn't help. Caught the last quarter or so of the Brazil-Turkey match in one of the station bars (Brazil won). Sorted ticket to Copenhagen overnight, via Hamburg and a seven minute change. Problem is, it leaves at almost midnight. Spent most of the afternoon wandering around central Brussels (got Charlie's camera working, so have pix of la Grande Place and the Mannekin Pis - yeah, I know, but I've 900 odd pictures and it is the ultimate cliched Brussels picture. Maybe I'll get the Atomium on the way back) and running into the occasional group of Brazil supporters.

Food now, I think.