January 8th, 2003


We've Been Robbed....

I went out at about a quarter to four this afternoon to get to the bank and sort a few things out. At five, I get a phonecall from tigermoth saying she's got home and not only is the front door wide open, but all the lights are on.

On investigation, nothing appears to be missing, except Rob's rucksack and the PS2 (both of which were in his room). Still, we've phoned trhe police and are just waiting for the officers to arrive and go through the motions.
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It gets worse

Well, the police have been and gone. No signs of the door having been forced, no signs of anything else missing, so all rather suspicious.

Then I discover the following on the akicif home page:
Cyb3r Attack e muito mais que rodar programas .exe feitos por terceiros, gretz xscream, fabi tambem ownz chucrilhos lol
I don't speak portuguese, but I reckon we've been hacked...

And then there was the extra, unexpected tax bill.

And to think with a job interview tomorrow, and hearing about last week's one the day after, I thought my luck was turning.

I'm off to the pub.
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