March 13th, 2003


Well, that's it, then

Quote from the radio:
How dare the FBU even think of going on strike and putting lives at risk when a quarter of our army are in the Middle East?
How about "How dare our Government get our army involved in stupid foreign adventures when they're needed at home to cover up for the mess being made of the firefighters' strike?"

Then from last night's news, this "six tests" thing. Some of these may be vaguely sensible (by the Government's lights, anyway), but do they really think it's helpful or constructive to insist on Saddam humiliating himself on national TV? Isn't it rather like Austria-Hungary's ultimatum to Serbia nearly ninety years ago?

And now it looks as if they're not even going to bother going for a second Security Council resolution. War in less than a week, perhaps?