May 23rd, 2003


Oh no, not *again*!

Remember back in January when there was a flurry of people writing to their MPs about the National Identity Card? Well, obviously enough has happened that we're all meant to have forgotten about it, 'cos Blunkett's dragged the idea out again. And of course, it's still being spun as a way of saving us all from drowning in the floods of asylum seekers - that'd be the ones who are significantly less keen on coming to the UK than they were last year, no doubt?

The only good thing in the whole mess is that the plan is to introduce the card "soon after the next election". But does anyone realistically see anyone else getting in?

In all seriousness, I'm beginning to think it may be time to get the hell out of Britain.
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Pack up your troubles....

Alternatively, "forget about your troubles and your strife". I'm just packing now to head to here for this, the Ceilidh Gall Gallowa' Mayfest, otherwise known as Knockengorroch Festival.

I went last year and really enjoyed it, even though it absolutely pissed down. I'd hoped to meet up with my brother (who lives in that part of the world, sort of), but I didn't give him enough notice. However, this time I should be able to catch with him at least for a while - he doesn't have a full weekend pass, as there's a new baby due real soon now, but all being well, we'll have our first pint and chat for almost two years(!).
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