June 27th, 2003


This time last year...

I was in Copenhagen, having singularly failed to get to the Roskilde Festival. Which reminds me - I've never done the proper write-up of last Summer's trip, complete with pictures (not incredibly brilliant 'cos I was unfamiliar with the camera and its limitations) and Useful Links and Stuff.

I've got some bits written - gackable from old LJ/weblog posts, or my notebook - and somewhere I've got the pile of maps and flyers I posted back home, so I should be able to produce something vaguely useful.

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How should I do the write-up?

"This time last year I was doing/in [X]" posts over the next few weeks
A few longish posts (behind cut tags, of course) filling in the blank spots from last year
On a separate web site
Try and turn some of it into An Article
Why bother, it's stale news
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