October 19th, 2003


And a day older than that....

Met tigermoth for lunch, but it was a bit late in the day so several places were either closed (Kublai Khan's) or just closing as we got there (Britannia Spice). Eventually ended up having cocktails and a collection of starters at Mariachi Mexicana: pretty good, and we should go back there sometime when we're not so rushed.

Made it to the Pond later than I'd intended, and a little later than I said I'd be there, so managed to miss Nojay (WINOLJ).

Sara (WINOLJE) arrived next, and was followed a little later by autopope. Next to arrive was yonmei, then Phil (WINOLJ but has a weblog), or was it princealbert and Kirsten (WIANOLJ).

Tea, German beers, cider, gin and coffee were consumed, as were giant pretzels and garlicky olives.

The plan had been to leave the Pond for the Holyrood at about seven or so, but we never really seemed to get round to leaving (Roy, Kirsten and Charlie headed off to eat and such, and I think they ended up in the Holyrood later), so I think it was about half nine or so when we did finally leave, staggering gently across Leith Links.

This was when I got a call from purplerabbits saying that the Holyrood was pretty well packed out, and that she was heading for K Jacksons, so we did likewise. Pleasantly surprised on arrival to see Doug (WIDTIOLJ), passing through between Bristol and Falmouth, with the usual suspects.

Eventually went from KJ's to Favorit. I think the plan had been merely to look into Favorit as we thought it'd be too full on a Saturday, and then continue down to the Holyrood, but there were tables, and we weren't sure if the Holyrood was still open.

From Favorit to a bench in the Meadows for a while, and then back briefly to Andrew's (WIANOLJ) before taxi-ing home to collapse at about four.

Slept incredibly soundly and for rather a long time, before spending the afternoon messing around with computers.
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