March 1st, 2005


The second alternative...

Cracking weekend, by the way. Friday night after-work drinks with the new chap who's been all over the place (virtually everything from spending a couple of decades as a policeman in Tyneside, to teaching English in Kurdistan), then Saturday stewarding the Hibs v. St Mirren game beforfe heading to the Pond and running into assorted folk there.

Sunday started slowly, but eventually I headed for the open meeting and - as I half expected - volunteered myself to do the torchie thing again (this time with deputies). Much torchie-related conversation (which really belongs on (not much there yet: really needs some write-ups of previous years, plus pictures, plus what a torchie volunteer can expect, and so on).

Also revived my poor moribund weblog (also available as outsider_weblog), not for the sort of long stuff I used to try and do with it, but for somewhere to stick Interesting Links™.

Things to do: recruit more torchies, plan out first couple of meetings, make vaguely-appropriate skins for the calendar and discussion areas of the torchie site, sleep.
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