April 17th, 2005

torch rune

Burning out?

A fortnight from now, Beltane will be over for another year and I'll be able to relax. I'm probably worrying more than I need to about the making side of things (we need another 300-odd torch balls - about 72 person/hours, and I've heard nothing about the fabric for the tabards/hoods), but I'm really worried about whether or not we'll have enough torchbearers and stewards.

Going by sign-ups, we've enough torchies (maybe slightly too many), but in terms of people who've actually turned up to things, the numbers are scarily low. And we're even worse off for stewards: I'll just mention once again that if you're at all interested in seeing Beltane from the inside then you should email volunteers at beltane dot org.

The burnt out/drained feeling extends to werk as well - and even into the weekend, dammit. I spent yesterday completely vegetating, not getting to the Beltane busk I'd hoped to be at, nor out on Saturday night (although this may have been 'cos of having two or three options I could've gone for).

In other news, I've fixed the balding for charity website to include the missing option (feel free to pass the URL on, by the way) and discovered that between them my friends list have 7521 unique interests (each interest has two numbers with it: a code that indicates how long since it first appeared on LJ, and a number of people who share that interest - I should see about some analysis later).

Anyway, heading out now to watch a building fall over and then head up Calton Hill to practice Not Getting Hit by the White Women....