April 27th, 2005

beltane 2003

Going for it!

Tomorrow night at 7pm, the hair comes off. The event will even be recorded on video. This is therefore my last chance to nag some of you into sponsoring me.

Answers - At present we have:

Suggested Charities: Ammachi, Diabetes Uk, people and planet, Shelter, Sightsavers (no, not specsavers, that's a shop), Trident Ploughshares, Waverley Care

What to do with the excess hair: feed to red men, Get someone to knit you a hat with it, Jesus just get rid of it, sell it on e bay, Stuff it inside your first torch ball for the acropolis, The birds are presently nesting, There's charities that accept hair to make wigs for children who have lost their hair through chemotherapy - Probably worth a look, throw to the wind - nice stuff for nesting birds

What you would sponsor this undertaking for: about £90 so far...

Where should I get it done: A Turkish Barbour - There is meant to be a good one at Tollcross somewhere, atop that thingie in parliament square a la devil (you know the story? Follow me?) with battery powered clippers, Get Alison to do it in s8 in front of a cheering crowd of on-lookers, Watch out for anyone named Todd, You could charge us all extra to assist in the process!

Oh, and if anyone knows anyone in Edinburgh who has the kit and would be up for doing the balding....