July 20th, 2005

New Hat


Well, we had our not-Away Day, mutated into a longer than usual weekly meeting, with the added presence of the bosses' new line manager: the Director for This, That, and Everything Else.

As we weren't going away for the Away Day (to do with unavailability of Biggest Boss), we had some rather nice food from Ndebele, who we're testing to see if they'd be good for feeding the folk who come to our training events (verdict: yes, indeed. We may have slightly over-ordered, and there was more bread than was quite reasonable, and dips of some sort would be good, but they're excellent).

Oh, and we made hats out of vinegar and Brown Paper, Masking Tape and Colourful Stuffs.

It was fun....

The hats would be hard to fireproof, so would be no good for torchies, but maybe for other events?
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