October 28th, 2005


In Amsterdam

Journey over wasn't too bad: managed to pack in time to get bus to get airport bus to check in.... very glad I didn't stay any later after Writers' Bloc do.

Seem to have dropped into routine - herfstbock at Rembrandt cafe at airport, passed the 11th commandment (not open yet), tried to check into Bulldog - a tad early, so round corner to Wynand Focking for de Rijk, Brand Dubbelbok, and a glass of "quarter to five" - a mostly raspberry flavoured gin.

Back to ho(s)tel, checked in and dumped stuff in room (padlock works - now to remember to not lock key in locker) and wandered down to bar to check internet facilities - cannot read mail to my site5 machines 'cos appropriate port blocked: I'm mailable on the bog-standard webmail accounts - but not likely to be checking that often.

Plan now is to wander to a coffee-shop, then to Wildeman then to Bokbierfest.

Longer term plan is to explore the outskirts of Amsterdam for nice beer cafes, maybe even taking a trip away on the Sunday.

I'll see what changes contact with reality brings....