January 7th, 2006


Frequent entry #2

So, frequent updates: cat-vacuuming or not?

Cigarettes: Was bad - I seem to be allowing myself to have two when in the pub. The question is, can I actually restrict myself to just the two when I'm in 'for the duration' and not dashing off? And I've still not tested how easy resistance is when doing the hang-around for hours waiting for Rock Steady work to start. I should be doing that today, as there's a game at each of Easter Road and Tynecsastle, and then Rugby at Murrayfield later on, but I'm still bashing away at the report (hence the cat-vac break).

Diary update: spent about an hour on the phone to stepdad in Norn Iron last night trying to sort out his PC. Started with his wifi not working, then the original broadband didn't (but the laptop was still getting 5Mbits/second from a neighbour's machine). Was about to get onto basic computer hygiene 101 when his cordless mouse died. Tried all sorts of things, none of which worked, so just had brief call explaining the procedure that sorted it:

  1. Remove mouse's USB connector from PC
  2. Reboot, let pc notice lack of mouse, and shut down
  3. Replace mouse
  4. Restart....
No, I don't know how I missed trying this.

Anyway, here's a poll:

Burkhard Heim

To Infinity and Beeyonddd!!!!
It'll never work, and I speak...

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Anything else?

Actually, I am a Rocket Scientist
I wish I was a spa-ace man
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