April 30th, 2006

BFS Lion


Heading up the Hill in an hour or so, and unlikely to be back in electronic contact until some time tomorrow morning.

I've posted very little about the preparations this year - or about much else in the last month or so as stuff ramped up. [If you're interested in the preparations, they're here - we've been ahead of schedule compared with last year for most of this month.]

And we've an absolutely cracking group of folk in the Nightwatch (which is to say the Stewards and Torchbearers - if we were to go all elitist and consider the Neidfire bearers (who are just totally amazing, and if you can, you should be near the front of the acropolis at 9.40 this evening to see how they light the neidfire) as a separate group in the old manner, then the umbrella term could have been SaTaN - but that'd be bad).

The whole thing should be pretty damn' fantastic!

Anyway, I'm sitting here wibbling when I should be getting ready to go - just need to pack my party munitions and head for the bus....
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    Beltane drums in my head (Acropolis)