April 26th, 2007

oak ogham

Beltane XX -4

I took today off from work to do a bit of dashing around sorting stuff, but I'm still in the house. Instead, I've spent most of the day so far making lists, checking them, wrestling with our number problem (if everyone who said they would were to turn up, we'd have too many people and have to turn some away, but I fear it's more likely that most of them won't leaving us with problems), and sorting who is going to be where, when, and what we can do about if they can't be.

Things I'd meant to do today:
  • Get a big bag of earplugs - probably about two dozen pairs each for torchies and stewards
  • Pop into the place we're doing our costumes and facepaint, and check they'll have veggie/vegan sandwiches and not just all meat
  • Find all-black t-shirt and bright/fluorescent yellow fabric paint
  • Lunch with sparrowpunk
  • Print out checksheets for this and that
  • Panic over what's not on this list
And then to the Meadows for 7pm to see if I can work out a coherent marching order based on who's turned up....