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Steve's Journal
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Monday, April 30th, 2007

Time Event
Beltane XX - 14h
Fourteen hours from now, Amy and Jim are going to be stepping into view between the central pillars of the National Monument on Calton Hill, fire drill and bow at the ready....

Just under two hours from now, I should be heading up the Hill: once I've had breakfast, made up sarnies for lunch and a flask of mulled wine for later on, and generally got my stuff together (lists for checking off, the finallatest version of the plan for the back of the procession, marching order, and so on and so on).

The second Cunning Plan - the t-shirt for the after club - hasn't quite worked, but that's what I get for taking almost all of yesterday off.

This is me signing off until After: which will be a whole new world....

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