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That's more than six months since I last posted - the entire dark half of the year, in fact.

So, what have I been doing since October?

October: went to see Bloco Vomit play in Glasgow at what might've been their last ever gig (took loads of pictures, messed around with some of them in paintshop, but haven't uploaded them. Also went through to Glasgow the night before Samhuinn to do the torch-beary thing for the switching on of the new river lights. Missed Samhuinn itself 'cos of going to the Writers' Bloc storytelling night (had hoped to catch people afterwards in the Holyrood, but it was - shock, horror - closed before midnight, so went to Nicol Edwards with WB peeps instead.

November: started working for Rock Steady - usually one afternoon and one evening a week, but the odd other event (MTV awards, occasional gigs at Playhouse, Hogmanay/Winterval stuff (but see below for more on that). Pretty down for most of the time.

December: generic down-ness continued, but quite a bit more Rock Steady work - the torchlit procession, the Night a'fore festival on George Street, and the Hogmanay Street Party itself. All went pretty well, except the street partry, where the weather was completely vile and large chunks of the event got cancelled. Followed that with Hogmanay party at purplerabbits, which was dead good, too.

January: minor increase in cheeriness due to a sudden rash of potential contracts and job interviews (didn't get any of them, mind).

February: pretty bleak - did some more work for Napier's Transport Research people - surveying taxi drivers and a spot of data entry.

March: Spring slowly approaching. Cheering up somewhat. Start of Beltane stuff (I didn't run away fast enough when they wanted a volunteer to run the torchbearers). Rather a lot of casual work for Children in Scotland (applied for full-time job there, too, or was that later). Weekend in Amsterdam with tigermoth for wedding anniversary.

April: suddenly realised just how uncheery I'd been when the news came through I'd got the CiS job (with a start date of 04/05/04). Beltane stuff getting more intense - almost full-time on some days (yes, I know...). Caught myself thinking things like "Next year, I/We will....". First Beltane walkthrough: almost magical - hundreds of us on the Hill, glorious sunny day, and when the drums cut in.... Torchy trip to Roslin (bit wet, but fun). Panic over torch ingredients and quality - almost gave up whole thing, but stayed with it. The night itself was absolutely marvellous, and deserves to be written up separately.

Right now: still working on Napier Survey (put aside when Beltane went fulll-time) and getting ready for first day back at work tomorrow.
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