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So that was May, that was....

It sort of whooshed by. The month began in sleep-deprived post-Beltane knackeredness, continued through the start of the New Job and the completion of the last Napier Survey (we've now got another one to do, and maybe more after that) via some stewarding work and the odd party or two. Knockengorroch festival was brilliant (and there are little mini-piccies taken from my phone to put up at some point), and the week after that there was the showing of the Beltane video.

Some interesting conferences/workshops from the day job: one on participation (with some useful games in it), one on storytelling, and another on anger management (which was in Glasgow, so I was able to catch the Friday night of ConVivial).

The little I saw of ConVivial was good. I'd planned to just pop into the bar of the Central for a couple of hours and then make good my escape for Edinburgh, but there were enough folk I'd not met in ages that I ended up staying until Last Train O'Clock [I'd left the bar when the assorted stag, hen and lama parties became noisy enough to drive out the fen: luckily the most excellent gentlemen of the cabal were able to sell me an evening memnership].

Oh, and I seem to have left out another Writers' Bloc event, a freebie at Dynamic Earth (earlier the same night), an eclipse-watching trip that turned into an evening in the pub, and all sorts of stuff.

It's been a busy month.

So what about June? Well, any month that begins with such incredibly sudden rain and a brand-new dental mishap (see </a></b></a>abcess for the not quite as gory as usual details) can really only get better.

Which is quite likely as things already pencilled in include bits of the Leith Festival (including watching those awfully amazing te Pooka chaps and chapesses doing things with fire and drums, and a Writers' Bloc gig where I get to be the doorman; at least one night out with the torch-bearers; a barbecue party ditto (and one with tigermoth's work); maybe more outdoor partying; maybe a beach party (Beltaney Solsticey Cabaretty Thang); more work than I can shake a stick at (both for Rock Steady - the RHCP gig - and for CiS, as well as maybe some more Survey Stuff); some more nights out.... And maybe the extremely-postponed Edinburgh Leaving Do Pub Crawl (the one what I didn't have back in 1984: I have a couple of 70s Edinburgh pub guides so we can hit the good ones that haven't changed and the formerly bad ones that are now excellent). The idea is to have a mix of people who remember the olden days and others who, erm, don't.

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