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The long-delayed Farewell to Edinburgh drink will be on Saturday 17th July

(No, I'm not leaving Edinburgh - it's just that for various reasons I never managed to sort out a proper leaving do when I left Edinburgh for Leeds back in the summer of 1984. Having recently found my old Edinburgh pub guides (printed in 1976 and 1979), it seemed like a good idea to go back and see which pubs were still good, and if any of the bad ones had got better.... This eventually evolved into the plan to finally hold the above-mentioned leaving do close to twenty years late)

The idea is to hit a selection of pubs from the 1976 EUSPB Edinburgh Pub Guide - to be drawn from the good ones that are left and the ones that've risen phoenix-like (but not necessarily Phoenix-like) from the ashes of the bad ones, and maybe grab a curry at Kushi's at some point (they've moved, and gone up market, but they sort of fit....).

Currently the plan is to start at Leslie's Bar at about 4pm and work our way north from there in a circuitous manner until we reach the centre of town. Where we go from there is open to suggestion.

(Although this is an event originally postponed from 1984, 80s clothing is not compulsory, and I rather doubt we're likely to end up in an 80s-style club)

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