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Trying again

I've been noticing recently how little I seem to be smoking - except for when I'm at a bus stop or out drinking (convenient label covering pubs and parties).

After autopope's reading the other night, I failed signally to find a nearby tobacconist, and so ended up paying rip-off prices for pre-rolled from a machine. These chemical-soaked monstrosities reminded me how fundamentally unsatisfying the actual smoking thing is - it begins to look as if I get more out of the rolling than the smoking (although this might surprise anyone who's seen me skin up), and the next day I managed to not buy any more "proper" tobacco on the grounds I'd the disgusting pre-rolleds left (those I didn't dump on mastah_rab, that is). I did smoke some of chillies' baccy in the pub, which served to remind me that it wasn't that the pre-made stuff didn't actually taste incredibly much worse, just it went down awfu' quick.

So. Not only having another attempt at the Giving Up thing, but actually admitting it.

Wish me luck, and please don't - should you see me in a pub - either do the evil tempting thing, or laugh out loud as I stagger across to the fag machine, having given up giving up already.

Oh, and apologies to anyone I accidentally bite the head off of in the coming weeks....

(Yes, I realise the icon is inappropriate - no access to paintshop or similar from werk).
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