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Quasi-weekly Update

Whew! What, as they say, a week. Spent most of the weekend dealing with Evial Komputerz (but see lj-cut below) and getting bits of stuff done for the report due at the end of the month. Day-job work sort of ramping up in intensity: could get approximately twice as much done with a bit less task-switching, though.

On the other hand, lots of situations in which I would usually have had a cigarette or several came up, and I didn't have any

Tuesday night was Mark Thomas' Columbian Solidarity Campaign benefit at the Bongo Club, which was dead good, but could really have used loads more people. Got very wet afterwards, and never quite made it home pre-work the next day.

Couple of very pleasant lunches during the week, both at Rick's: tigermoth's sister was passing through Edinburgh with her husband on the way back to France, and their son and daughter-in-law had come down from Aberdeen to catch them on the way. So, big family get-together type meal, and it was a real pity to have to run away very quickly and get back to work. The same thing happened on the Friday, when my mum and stepdad were in town: truly lovely meal, madly rushed. Still, we caught up with them on Friday evening as they headed up to Crook of Devon - came with them in the car as far as the Cramond Brig, had a drink and a chat, and then we walked down the river and back home along the coast. Very pleasant...

The bad news is that the hard drive of the "main machine" died completely - as in not even possible to repartition/format checkdisk or anything the curs'd thing. Luckily I'd managed to get everything off of it onto another machine, so all that was lost was time.

As for the problem with the other machine, it turned out not to be a Trojan - which explains why it was so darn' well hidden!

It seems that the problem was something to do with an interaction between the proxy I was using to allow the other machines to talk to the network and the updated versions of Mozilla and Firefox - possibly made more confusing by Windows having been updated, too. As near as I can figure it, page requests generated by clicking on (say) a link to http://some.domain.tld/directory/page.html on Google were trying to find, which of course didn't exist, while displaying the "correct" URL in the location bar. Similarly for all the other sites I looked at - internal links tended to work, external ones gave various versions of 404, and any sites that shared IP addresses, whether on the internal network or outside, just went completely weird.

So, new proxy in place: CCProxy (demo version, unlimited use for up to three machines) instead of AnalogX (freeware). I've not looked at all its features yet, but it does seem as if I can control how much internet bandwidth each machine on the network gets access to - which could be useful when mastah_rab's machine is de-virused and he's back on line.

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