Steve (akicif) wrote,

Celebratory Drink

Well, I seem to have survived the shock of turning 45 (and have managed to avoid any "it's a record" jokes: I reckon if I make it to 78 I'll be even safer, as no-one will remember vinyl/bakelite at all).

So, I'll be doing the celebratory meal thing with family after work, and then plan to be in the Guildford for about half seven. May be heading to the Auld Hoose later on, but it depends on tiredness and such as it's been a pretty long week.

Saturday: A lot of faffing around to arrange travel back to Ireland. Guess I was operating at minimal efficiency, 'cos it took me almost all day. I did end up with train and ferry tickets via Stranraer rather than flying, but that turned out to be a very good thing. Ended up in the Pond in the evening, which turned out to be a very bad thing - I ended up stopping off on the way for tobacco.

Sunday: Train to Stranraer via Glasgow. Arrived at station more or less simultaneously with mum and step-dad's arrival on the ferry. Gave five year old niece art and craft set. Ten minutes later, showed her how to take multiple prints off painting made with too much squirted out poster paint - the first half dozen or so should be dry by spring, we estimate. Off to Castle Kennedy for a walk and taking of pictures, followed by brown rice and interesting vegetables (oh, and strangely interesting condiments: basically sea salt with a whole bunch of interesting spices, and mixed pepper ditto). Boat to Belfast, car to Helen's Bay, sat up for a short while, crashed....

Monday: Day of funeral. Step-dad up dead early to get to Aldergrove to meet middle brother (formerly of Black Star, and Regency House Party fame) off plane. Meanwhile I update his PC to Windows XP Service Pack 2. Step-dad back from airport, attempts to log onto Bank of Ireland business website. Broken, doesn't work, kaput. Phone their helpline. First advice not too good, second time works. Stop panicking.

Head to funeral. Caught up with two of Pamela's sisters (the third was out of the country getting married), her mum, and Paddy - for want of a better term, the step-step-dad, as well as my half-brother Christopher and his half-sister Caroline. Also ran into someone I'd not seen since my Dad's funeral back in 1975, which was a bit weird.

Car to Belfast, then boat back to Stranraer. Played with niece (revenge: if she keeps mistaking me for Archie from Balamory, I'm going to keep mistaking her for Alice due to the hair band thingy), left bunch of flash stuff on PC's desktop (Gollum acceptance speech, badgerbadgerbadger.... that sort of stuff). Sat up and chatted for a while, crashed.

Tuesday: Car, boat, train, back to Edinburgh for lunchtime, and back to work. Probably a mistake, as I was a bit knacked, but it did take the edge of Wednesday. Had intended to go to pub, but was well tired so went home and slept.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: not a lot of interest. KJ's on Thursday evening.

Saturday: Stewarding at Easter Road in the afternoon, then Auld Hoose (were we met strange-ish person who was encouraging everyone to send cheery-up letters to Robert Rankin) followed by the Bloco Vomit gig. Was fun. Didn't take any pictures this time, but danced instead (and apparently this is getting unusual: must dance more). Didn't win raffle (no-one at our table did). Went to pub afterwards, and then to Jasper's (BV trumpeter/singer) to drink homebrew into small hours.

Sunday: Slept a lot, then off to Calton Hill to steward Dursshara (many spellings exist: I think this is the one from the posters) fireworks. Organisers gave us tea/coffee and samosas afterwards. Home, slept.

Thanks, of course, to everyone who mailed or commented on the last entry -- it helped a lot.

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