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Last Week...

Amsterdam was good. Marginally less shopping than planned, rather less beer (although I did get to the Bokbier Festival for a couple of hours), no falafels (dunno how that one happened), rather more time in coffee houses than I'd normally spend (I think I may actually have drunk more coffee/orange than beer this time), Rijksmuseum still showing the same samples from its collection as last March, no trip across on the Free Foot Ferry to Cafe Ot en Sien. Introduced mastah_rab to a couple of beers (he's not a beer drinker), Wynand Focking's gin liqueurs (not really impressed) and a Brazilian restaurant (steak and chips are Brazilian. Who knew?). Dman' good time overall, and must do it again.

Barely back from the 'dam, and it was time to go get ready for Samhuinn. Processed from Hunter Square to Parliament Square (went well, bar some slight problems with Lothian and Borders' finest not quite being in the right places. Performance good, too (had excellent view of the back of it as standing with torch). Then club at Cabaret Voltaire and back to Pianocat's (WINOLJ) for a chat before home to crash out.

Into work for lunchtime, more or less. Work's been busy enough lately for most of last week to blur together, and we've just lost half of my job-shared boss, as it were.

Other bits: managed to see Bride and Prejudice with tigermoth, went to KJ's on Thursday after stewarding the game from Hell at Murrayfield (I was on cash turnstiles, and we'd too many punters and not enough float) for the Hearts v. Schalke match. Met some Schalke fans later on -- as they were in Scotland, they wqere drinking their way through KJ's single malts. With coke! Or Orange!!

Friday: stewarding fireworks at Meadowbank. Started on doors, was quite painful having to turn away familes with young kids for not having tickets (after last year, when some (burnt out) fireworks went into the ground, there were only stand tickets). Had a short brerak just after the start of the fireworks, and then went to stewarding the far side - which meant walking more or less through the display. Noisy! Flashy! Fun!

Too tired to go to Green Drinks afterwards, so went home, crashed slightly, waking up for most of HIGNFY.

Crashed. Woke up, caught up slightly on LJ. Noticed time....

Off to steward at Easter Road, then off to the Pond for the "Random Beer Festival" - Random beers, random music, random barbecue. I think I'll chance it....

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