Steve (akicif) wrote,


I think I've just decided not to go to Interwossname.

I'd been debating it, and had more or less decided that I'm more likely to have the at-the-door membership price next summer than the current price before the end of the month - after all, I may magically acquire a better job or an unexpected tax rebate or something....

However, I don't buy from spammers. Full Stop. Ever. And I've just received spam - from someone who should surely know better - telling me to BUY NOW.

I was initially tempted to fire off a standard complaint to the spammer's ISP, but life's too short, the individual probably doesn't merit it, and they used one of those web-based "amusing domain name" hosts who tend to ignore complaints anyway (yes, I realise there are contradictions implicit in the above).

EDIT: Mail to spammer bounced - inbox full. Forwarded to the other interthingy address in the mail to pass on....
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