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it's that time of year again....

The start of the run-up to Beltane, that is.

I'm unsure about the level of involvement to go for this year. Certainly, with a day-job, the stewarding, and an indeterminate amount of webby stuff, I can't devote anything like the amount of time I spent last year.

However, I'll have to make my mind up soon, 'cos:
Plans are afoot for Beltane 2005. If you would like to be involved in Beltane, come to the open meeting on Sunday the 27th of February in the Forest Cafe, Bristo Place at 5pm. Or you can email for more details:
So, I'll be doing the torchy thing again (for the usual reasons: I've not much in the way of "proper" performance skills - virtually tone and rhythm deaf, not exactly light on my feet, self-conscious, etc...)

The question is, rather, do I: volunteer to run the torchbearing again, hoping to manage without killing too much annual leave, and to Delegate More (maybe even form a small cabal-type wossname); let someone else do it, but provide as much help as possible short of trying to take over; or stand back completely and let someone else do the work.

I guess I'd like to do the first of these, but I'm worried that I won't be able to do everything I'd need to commit to without something breaking somewhere.

On the other hand, two years running is greedy....

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