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[This should've gone up at the weekend, if not before]

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am having a not-completely unexpected attack of being 46 and plan to deal with this in the traditional manner by dragging a bunch of unsuspecting victims (that's you folks who're reading this and not otherwise occupied) out to the pub.

The original plan was to try and do another chunk of the "Ou sont les auberges d'antan?" crawl round those few pubs that were good in Edinburgh when I was first here, and have stayed so. However, I seem to have tidied away my 1970s EUSPB pub guides, so I'm having to reconstruct from memory.

The start will be from the Grosvenor on Shandwick place (more or less our local while living in Stafford Street) from after work (they do food), and then spiralling out via Mathers (maybe), Berts, up to Haymarket (Caledonian), Morrison Street (which ones to miss is the question here) and then either Bread St / Spital St (Blue Blazer) and up to the High Street - um, there's a bit missing between those last two....

Anyway, suggestions for different/better pubs and routes between them welcome!

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