Steve (akicif) wrote,

First of a series of more regular updates?

Or not....

Anyway, I've just found that the video of the last band (This R 2 Tone) playing at the Waverley Bridge stage just after the fireworks is up on Google Video already (I was behind the fence around the mixing desk when this was recorded - the desk is where the second camera was, part way between the stage and Princes St. I'm not sure if I'm visible, but there are brief glimpses of a couple of other Rock Steady colleagues).

In other news, I've been back at the day job for two days, and I've still not had a cigarette since leaving the party on Sunday morning (okay, I've been in for most of the time, and I don't smoke cigarettes at home). Still, I usually have a cigarette at the bus stop, or on when travelling to and from work, or at lunchtime, and I've resisted so far.

The real test is whether or not I can manage not to smoke in the pub (plan for tonight is to get two hours of work done, then head out for the usual Thursday mob drinks).

Of course, I've not actually given up yet - apparently it's harder than usual to give up as a new year's resolution than it is at other times, so I'm just "not smoking". The actual proper plan is to be no longer smoking by the time the ban comes in at the end of March.

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