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And crash....

The torchie fire thing on Saturday was good, again. More smoke, still no actual fire. On the other hand, I tried poking various of the types of tinder with a glowing stick, and they didn't catch: just how dry does the stuff need to be!? The bonfire in the "woodhenge" circle was good to sit around and strange things were done to sausages and marshmallows and such. As the evening darkened, the sky cleared and there was a really quite spectacular moon.

After that, to the Pond for nice German beers (light Erdinger hefeweisen, the dark version of same, a dark Krusovice and I think another light Erdinger) and then up to KJ's in town to finish up on Budvar and Deuchars before catching the 0130 night bus home.

Sunday was productive: up pretty early and shredded most of the last week's work on the report while rearranging the bits still to be done (good news, only two sections left; bad news, there's about fifty diagrams in there to describe) and "signing off" on the first couple of chapters and the appendices. There was an odd bang during the afternoon that I ignored, but that turned out to be about a third of our lights going (we have an ongoing problem with a weird light fitting in our bathroom that goes random for a couple of months a year) and we were out of fuse wire. Managed to have no baccy on Sunday, which was sort of surprising after falling down so badly on Saturday (cigarette when meeting in pub, another two - or maybe three - at the fire thing, and at least six in the pub afterwards).

Monday was less good. I wasn't up quite as early as I'd intended and when I went out for the fusewire I also went for coffee and a bacon roll with mastah_rab. Which, while pleasant (dammit, there was another cigarette in there somewhere), took out a largeish chunk from the middle of the morning. Then there was changing the fuse and managing to poke the bathroom light fitting just right for something else to go fizz-bang and the light to come back and finishing the upgrade on Rob's machine (still 800MHz, but now has 512Mb, a DVD writer, an 80Gb drive, wifi (thinks: will need to stop him mopping up all our bandwidth, and make sure he doesn't invite any viruses, trojans or worms home to play) - and a 17" monitor as soon as he's enough room on his desk). This went well, apart from trying to find a Windows XP CDROM that hadn't had its licenses used up (XP's too clever by half: upgrade a machine and the next time you reinstal it thinks you're installing on a new machine), and XP (or SP2 perhaps) not liking the sound "card" on the motherboard and there being too many websites that pretend they have the driver available for download but don't [Still, it's an ill wind: he has visitors just now and I'm sure if the soundcard was workign we'd know all about it].

Somewhere in the middle of all this I went and checked email: the folk we're doing the article/paper for like it and want to use it, but can we make the following changes (only involving two major rewrites and potentially breaching a non-disclosure agreement with one of our survey clients) by Wednesday morning. Needless to say I wasn't half way through this (and hadn't saved for a good couple of hours) when this PC froze and fell over (its second hard drive is a somewhat dodgy 40Gb that seems to come and go as it likes, rather).

So recover what can be, make marks in the text where other lost changes had been and have a quick play on LJ before falling over and going back to the day-job in the morning.


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