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Not been at my best this week: I guess that finally finishing the report and being more or less sorted for the new job(for some values of "sorted", anyway) resulted in my subconscious and/or immune system deciding that the guard could be dropped somewhat.

Didn't really feel up to going into work on Wednesday, so it's as well that it was our awayday. Not as awful as it could've been, and nearly fun in places. Trawled charity shops afterwards and picked up some old penguins before having a slow pint and a bit at Bert's Bar (two cigarettes).

Thursday wasn't that brilliant, either. Still, the evening had pub after work (Grosvenor, two pints, two cigarettes) and the Beltane Organisers' Meeting (some surprises, some different ways of doing things) before pub again (KJ's, three pints and five or six cigarettes - not good).

Friday was better until not long before leaving work, when tiredness and headache cut in. Went home, decided food would be an idea before heading out, so went to nearby chippy and discovered it had just changed hands. Bought food anyway and headed out to KJ's to meet digitalraven, decomposingsoul, fizzyboot and grendelsmere before the BV gig at the Wee Red Bar. Got there later than I planned and managed to miss Stew and Charlotte at first because "our" table was occupied when they arrived and they were screened from sight when I arrived. Had a pint and a (couple of?) cigarettes (during which I started seriously regretting the chippy) before we headed across the way. We were, if not there first, certainly in plenty of time. Oh yes, zotz arrived a bit before us, and had grabbed a table near the front, so we colonised that.

The music was good: Gary's band "Where Next, Columbus?" were on first, with about half a dozen of their own songs (I think I'd heard a couple before - which helped a bit, as the voices were initially drowned out by the instruments), during which tigermoth arrived. Next up were a bunch of folk from the Samba School (I think) doing some rather loud and bouncy maracatu type stuff (which was when I discovered my earplugs were actually an empty box). Bloco Vomit came on not long after that, and played mostly stuff I'd heard (see earlier comment about mixing) and a brief snippet in honour of Mozart's birthday. I should really have left when tigermoth did, but didn't want to miss the end of the set (as it was, Jenny thought she'd missed the bus and was between stops when it shot past - I should've warned her that it was occasionally a little late). The time between BV finishing and the next nightbus seemed to stretch somewhat, and I nearly felt well enough to go for another beer a couple of times, but tiredness was cutting in on top of everything else, so I called it a night and went (1 can Red Stripe, two bottles Grolsch and four cigarettes).

Yesterday was dead quiet: hanging around the house, sorting a few computer things, and still not feeling quite 100%. Didn't go out last night, though - just stayed in, watched a more or less funny film (Rat Race) with Jenny, followed by Mock the Week and Dave Allan before crashing.

Today - more or less finished updating torchie website, discovered I have about 60 email addresses of past and present torchies/stewards, and sorted out a bunch of files to burn to CD.

Still to do - invoice various people, check up on a client's website (I can nearly see what they're trying to do, but the CSS is well broken), finish sorting some mailing list stuff and actually burn the CD (once the files are renamed and rearranged).

Tonight, though, I'm off to a pub quiz with someone from work: it's at the Seahaven Hotel in Portobello (map here). The person I'm going with is a former policeman who's spent some time teaching English Poetry in Iraq/Kurdistan and who's been trying to get a bunch along to this quiz for a while now. I don't think we'll see many folk from work there, but anyone reading this - especially if they know their music - would be dead welcome.

The quiz starts about 8ish, and apparently the pub has good beers and a nice range of malts. Oh, and according to Traveline Scotland's Journey Planner (which is a useful site to have linked in itself - especially as you can put in postcodes directly now), there's a bus back into town at 11.17 (which gets me home for midnight, more or less).

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