Steve (akicif) wrote,

The Little Sultan and his Time-travelling Elephant

Remember these guys?

Well, they'll be in London from 4-7 May and the group putting on the performance are looking for volunteer stewards:

Something incredible is coming to London

The reputation of theatrical alchemists, Royal de Luxe, has spread far beyond their native France. Celebrated over three decades, they have performed everywhere from France to China, Africa to Chile. These shows have seduced entire communities and brought towns to a standstill, but have never been seen in Britain.

This latest show is their biggest yet, a vast spectacle that will close the streets of central London and attract audiences from all over the country. In his centenary year, the company has invented a new story inspired by master story-teller Jules Verne, author of Around the World in 80 Days, telling the story of a sultan from far-off lands, and his 40' high, time-travelling mechanical elephant…

We are currently recruiting 50 volunteer stewards to chaperone the elephant and other characters on their journey through London. The work is unpaid although travel expenses (cheapest available train fare) will be refunded and two meals a day will be provided on site.

We are keen to offer this opportunity to people involved in street arts in the UK. You will have the chance to see the work of Royal de Luxe up close and to mingle with the 100 strong company at mealtimes and pre and post show.

You need to be confident and able to remain calm and polite in crowds, and you must be available for four full days: 4th (training), 5th, 6th and 7th May. Prior stewarding experience, particularly processions, is advantageous
I'm not posting the contact address on the web, but if you're interested I'll pass it on.

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