Steve (akicif) wrote,

I was going to get those updates done

But first, I'll summarise the weekend just gone.

Friday was quite good - got the skinning and styling of the wiki for the work website more or less sorted (this was, of course, before dropping into exponential tweak mode) and had a vaguely successful bit of a play with the server logs in spite of the noise from the glazier in the kitchen. This meant that my original plan (skivingtaking most of Friday afternoon to work at the beer festival (oddly, only the venue's website got the admission prices right), before joining kellineil and fizzyboot for a jar or two on the other side of the counter) went out the window in favour of arriving at about half six and spending the next few hours just sitting drinking (quite slowly: the conversation to beer ratio was pretty good). With one or two exceptions, I think I had mostly wheat beers (see list below - I can't tell from the programme which beers I had on Friday and which on Saturday).

Saturday was another good one. Spent most of the morning dinking with stylesheets and fixing links, before heading up to the beer festival again. As you'd expect, it was far less crowded than the night before. I had a chat with the folk on the Scottish Craft Brewers stand - and a few samples. Homebrewing has come on a lot in the couple of decades since I last did any! After that, the place began to fill up to the extent that there were lots of people to talk to, but the bars remained quiet - there was a wedding reception booked into the larger of the two rooms we'd had on the Friday night, so I was expecting things to get very crowded, but it never really happened.

Eventually I started working behind one of the bars - it helped that I'd a list of what had still been on when I started, so could offer alternative suggestions to people who'd not noticed the beer they wanted was off. I was mostly on the bar with the first half of the alphabet of Scottish beers, along with the "foreign" stuff (English and Northern Irish draught beers along with bottled German beers, not to mention a few ciders and perries), but now and again the other bar needed more folk, so if I was coming back from a break I'd always check the other bar first.

[It was on one of these breaks that I found that one of the raffle tickets I'd bought (more as a sort of donation than because I expected to win anything - I hadn't even checked to see what the prizes were) had come up, and I'd won a mixed case of beers. Or rather, not. I'd been told my number had been called, but the person drawing the raffle didn't remember drawing my ticket when I went up to check.]

I was away from both bars at the end of the night, carrying out a sort-of stewarding role at the admission desk (we didn't have any trouble: it was just a matter of telling people the festival was about to close, and selling the odd glass - some of the wedding guests ended up taking refuge in the festival).

After clearing out the last few punters, there was a brief staff party - there was rather a lot of beer left over, so I was able to fill three half-gallon jugs to take to the party I was heading to later on. And then, of course, I find I had won the mixed case as well...

I thought that by arriving at the party at going on for half one, I'd have missed the main feature (it was a "shower-oke" party to celebrate the flat's new bathroom), and could just sit and chat, but everything was running late, so there were many people in assorted states of undress cramming into the bathroom to test the acoustics (as you might expect, they were mostly Red types). I managed to dispose of about a jug and a half of beer, but also noticed I was beginning to fall over, so left and went home.

Sunday started with more webbery and clearing up the last (I hope!) of the broken glass (couldn't vacuum on Saturday morning, as Rab needed his beauty sleep), before heading out to meet folk at the TreeFest for a spot of beer (Williams Brothers - draught Fraoch, then bottled Roísin and Joker), and one of Mr Mutley's most excellent special crepes. We went back to mine afterwards and put another dent in the jugs from the day before, before chucking folk out and heading to the Hermitage Ensemble's concert under junction bridge.

This wasn't too bad - if the music had been a tad louder, then maybe quite so many folk wouldn't have talked over it, or if they had it wouldn't have mattered as much (is the difference between a gig and a concert to do with whether or not the music is loud enough to drown out nearby conversations?). Still, it was pleasant enough - finishing off the last splash or two of the jug of Old Jock probably helped, mind.

And then back home along the cycle path, with a gloriously orange full Moon.

And now, the beers tasted:

Tasted: Black Isle Hibernator (wheat beer), Broughton Old Jock (jug, mostly drunk at Zeb's party and after TreeFest), Cairngorm Blessed Thistle, Fyfe Weiss Squad, Hebridean Seaforth (blonde beer, so slightly wheaty?), Isle of Mull Terror of Tobermory (first beer I had on Friday), Kelburn Dark Moor (Kelburn's beers should be familiar to anyone who was at InterAction or ConCussion - their Cart Blanche was named Champion Beer of Scotland at the festival), Stirling City of Stirling Ale (or was it 80/- - one of the ones not in the programme, anyway), Trossachs Craft Trossachs Blonde (again with the slight wheatiness?), Tryst Zetland Wheatbier, Valhalla Bere Ale and Sjolmet Stout, Williams Brothers Roisin and Kelpie, McEwans 80/-, Dent Kamikaze, Hilden Silver and Molly Malone Porter, Hop Back Odyssey (jug - mostly drunk after TreeFest), Millstone Three Shires (jug, drunk at Zeb's party), Oakham JHB (at beer fest after party), College Green Headless Dog.

Whew! I make that 21 beers, so that's a minimum of 12 pints in three days (except that's without the Fraoch and bottled beers on Sunday at the Treefest).

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