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Almost a third of the way into October already! Where the [deleted] did September go? There's been almost too much work during the week, and too much fun at the weekends (five parties in two weekends), with not much sign of a slowdown on the horizon. This isn't to say that there's no fun during the week, or work at weekends: there's been the farewell to K Jackson's and the start of the ongoing hunt for a new perfect pub, and two of the last three weekends saw me playing with Apache for quite unreasonable lengths of time.

Finally made it along to torchie practice, which seems to be going well - It's good not to be involved in the organising, but I still get a bit twitchy.

May have slightly overdone things at purplerabbits' party (Memo to self: pacing is all), but apart from that it was a really good night.

Packed tigermoth and sparrowpunk off to Iona this morning. I've not heard to the contrary, so I assume they got there safely.

Upcoming excitement includes going to Amsterdam for the Bokbier festival at the end of the month (this one's beginning to turn into an expedition, there'll be quite a few of us going over) and Jury service the week after Samhuinn. I do hope that it's not too incredibly dull.

Many pictures: some of which even make sense


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