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Must be mad....

Am about to head out into fairly rotten weather so I check in in time to spend most of tonight hanging around Princes Street stewarding the Street Party.

I've done it a few times, and it has always been reasonably good fun: even the first time, when the weather was so bad that the party was shut down early, and the fireworks cancelled.

It was also quite fun turning up late and sober (although that was usually remedied comparatively quickly) at parties.

This year's odd, though: the weather is going to be almost as bad as the year of the cancellation, but apparently there's Topp Sekrit Planz to make sure nothing can Go Wrong. Except, they've not sold out of tickets (as of half an hour ago you can still get a party pack if you get to the Hub by 5), and just to make the stewards' job a little easier, there are going to be S&N bars inside the party area (don't know if this affects folk bringing their own: the iron rule there is simply No Glass).

Still not sure about partying afterwards. Will probably randomly text people after we get stood down (2ish, probably).

Hope you all have a fun, and safe, evening!

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