Steve (akicif) wrote,

It's a long time since I've drafted letters to MPs

But here's the one I've just sent to my MP via Fax Your MP:

I am writing to you to express my deep concern over the threat to privacy revealed in today's Guardian ("Government sweeps aside privacy rights" Stuart Millar, technology correspondent on Tuesday June 11, 2002) and on the BBC website (UK Politics Tuesday, 11 June, 2002, UK 'Snoop' plans raise privacy fears).

In particular, I find it odd that in one report "the Home Office insists that the powers, which will come into force in August if passed, are necessary to fight terrorism and crime in an age when communications increasingly take place via email or mobile phone", but in the other "Officials say the moves are not a reaction to the US terror attacks".

It does seem rather as if our present Government is carrying out a campaign of slowly eroding the freedoms that one would expect to be the birthright of citizens of a modern democracy -- more, to be honest, the sort of action I'd have expected from the last Conservative Government.

I would be grateful for any reassurance you can offer me that the scheme outlined in today's news reports is the product of civil servants exceeding their authority and is unlikely to be supported by MPs on the floor of the House next Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,

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