Steve (akicif) wrote,

Beltane XX -2

Glorious day, long range weather forecast obviously complete pile of dingoes' kidneys: still time for change, though, so enough tempting of fate.

I've now got 26 torchies (and an emergency reserve), have sent the "thanks, but no thanks" email to the people we've not seen or heard from in time, and have almost sorted out the back end of the procession.

But now it's time to go out, maybe catch a bit of the busk (bottom of the mound), and then catch people at the Health and Safety briefing at the te Pooka office for a fireproofing session.

After that, dash home and dump proofing stuff, and then out again for Bombskare and maybe Messenger before having a very quiet (as in "I really hope I don't need to do any emergency fireproofing") day.

Then up the Hill for 10am on Monday....

[Oh yes, the new Nightwatch website should eventually build into a useful resource]
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