Steve (akicif) wrote,

Another click on the ol' annual odometer thing

Well, the original plan was to combine this celebration with a 30th anniversary of arriving in Edinburgh one, and use my old pub guides from 1977-9 to produce a list of pubs that were good then and still are (much like I did with my 20 years delayed leaving Edinburgh drinks). Just as well, really - the pressure to drink, dress and behave in a 70's manner could have been overwhelming.

Instead, the plan is to leave work as soon after 5pm on Thursday 18 October as is humanly possible and head for Bierex (1 Grange Rd EH9 1UH). From there, to Drouthy Neebors (1-2 West Preston St EH8 9PX) and The Abbey (65 South Clerk St EH8 9PP), before diverting to the Auld Hoose (23-25 St.Leonard's Street EH8 9QN) for food, and then heading to the Dagda (93 Buccleuch St, EH8 9NG) until closing time.

After that, who knows?

As ever, if you can see this, you're invited....

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