Steve (akicif) wrote,

Working too hard?

I always used to be be able to tell when i was working too hard, or more precisely, when I was concentrating too much on a particular topic: it would intrude into my dreams or, in extreme cases, into the real world and I'd find myself doing odd things like interpreting the horizon as if it was a GLC trace or an nmr spectrum.

I was watching a live performance of ISIHAC, which for some odd reason was being transmitted from the T250 lecture theatre of the Chemistry Department at King's Buildings. It was all pretty good in a thoroughly unmemorable way - I suspect that most of it only happened as back story in the dream, so that during the dream I'd have remembered the earlier part of the show, or indeed what I'd been doing earlier that day - until we got to the "One song to the tune of another" round.

ISIHAC regulars will know that Humph would always introduce this round with an extremely strained metaphor, and this case was no exception:
The lyrics of a song can be considered as the content of an XML file, while the tune is merely a styling transform (we use the word loosely in Mr Hardy's case). Of course, if you don't use the right sort of XML IDE, you can find yourself with an ungainly construction that is invalid, incorrect, and not at all well-formed. Will you please welcome to the piano now, Mr Colin Sell....

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