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Brussels - Copenhagen

Didn't mention it earlier, but I got the later train out of Brussels (23.38, not 19.10), meaning I got into Copenhagen at lunchtime rather than mid-morning, and hence just missed getting a Roskilde Festival ticket. Okay, it was a long shot, but both the British ticket agency (who I'd not be surprised at getting this wrong) and the Danish agency I spoke to said that there would be tickets available "no problem" today. At least I wasn't as visibly (read: dramatically) upset as the American couple ahead of me in the line...

Anyway, backtracking to last night in the continuing "then I got up and had my cornflakes"-style trip report. Couchettes, if a little claustrophobic, aren't actually that bad - that, or it's the smoother, faster trains. Slept pretty well until about an hour before Hamburg (where the skies opened). Surprised myself by making the connection for Copenhagen (about three minutes, once I'd fought my way off the train), and had a tranquil morning dashing through the (flat, with very many wind farms) countryside, onto a ferry (I'd not been on a train ferry in decades, some of the folk on the train hadn't ever, and were confused), off the ferry, over bridges and into Copenhagen, where I discovered the above ticket problem).

So, spent a bit of time chasing longshot possibilities in other ticket places, then had a beer or two in a rather germanic-looking fake Irish pub (at least it had some Irish staff and customers, although I've noticed that from a distance some Danish speakers sound as if they have a broad Norn iron accent) before braving the Swedish pear cider (very peary, but too sweet) and then walking down to Christiania.

Which seems to divide into two parts. The main drag has a few cafe and bar type places embedded in a matrix of cannabis stands with an amazing range of products. Oh, and a whole bunch of stalls with head stuff, t-shirts, posters, CDs and so on. Wrapped around all this is a lovely green forested area set about with windy paths and views over the water. It started pissing down again while I was walking around these, but when the Sun came out, I dried off in the time it took to have a hemp beer. Wandered back into town "the pretty way" (taking a couple of pictures as evidence) and went a little further east than I intended. Took train part way back towards the centre, and finally found an internet cafe upstairs in a games shop (see Current Music).

So, what do I do now? The original plan called for being in Roskilde until Monday morning (the main reason for having a tent with me too, come to think of it), and then heading to Prague for some time early on Thursday.

One possibility is to try and contact the Czech Eurocon folk and see if it's not too late to sign up for the Prague part of the programme (Mon-Thursday). Alternatively, I could see a bit more of the rest of Denmark, or just take a longer loop down to Chotebor....
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