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Copenhagen - Berlin

No problems escaping Copenhagen. Picked up two English-language paperbacks (reviews to follow?) and managed to almost finish one before we got to the ferry. Weather bouncier this time (I knew those windmills were there for a reason). Half hour or so for a beer at Hamburg -wasn´t the best of places.

Things seemed to go badly from here, though. First, the train was diverted (or, at least not on the route on the computer in Copenhagen), so there was a change to a regional train about a half hour before Berlin, and the S-bahn from Spandau to Berlin Zoo. Arrived at station to discover a poster for a hostel, the Lette´m Sleep. Gave them a ring to see about accomodation, but my phone died part way through. Went to the Tourist Info place, which wasn´t incredibly helpful, but picked up a flier with a map of how to get to Lette Strasse (yeah, there´s a pun in the place´s name). Berlin full of extremely excited happy Turks -- it looked more as if they´d won a revolution than a football match. Arrived (via U-bahn) at hostel, did the check in thing and a spot of advance planning (I now have accommodation here for Love Parade) before going out for a beer or two at a semi-touristy beer cellar. Noises of Samba drumming from outside, so went and watched drummers for a while before going back to hostel and dumping excess bags an d pocket stuff. Back to the drummers, and discovered that the venue was the Kulturbrauerei, which I´d read about as a good place to be. Caipirhinhas, red bull, absinthe, beer and red bull to drink, chunks of steaming hot dead animal to chew on, seven dance floors and an outdoor courtyard with gas braziers to wander around.... It was pretty good.

Back at the hostel, I discovered it was a lot later than I thought, and the clock on my phone was acting up. Chatted, crashed and got up about an hour ago.

Next thing, off to the station to get ticket for Prague -- hope I´ve not left it too late!

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